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Announcing the Codebots Partner Program

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Beginning June 1st, 2021, the Codebots Partner Program is live! We are partnering with only the best software development companies and providing them with access to technologies that will give them the winning edge on their projects.

The mission of our partner program is to connect our customers to world-class software development companies empowered with Codebots technologies. Our partners have a strong way of working and a proven track record. Only the greatest software agencies are part of the Codebots Partner Program.

The first two inaugural members of the partner program are WorkingMouse and Concise Software. Both companies have built successful software applications for many well-known brands. They have a sophisticated way of working with an emphasis on design and minimising the risks of building software. We are very happy to have them both on board!

Partner benefits

The program empowers partners to generate more services revenue by unlocking sales prospects. Our commitment to this is found in the next section.

Partners have early access to Codebots Create. This product allows partners to create a codebot to write in the target technology stack of their potential customers. This can be a game changer as it decouples the delivery of the project from the underlying technology stack, which has always been a limitation of low-code platforms.

In other words, the problem with low-code platforms is that they are bound to a technology implementation. If you have partnered with a low-code platform that generates Java code, but the customer wants something different, the sale is blocked. However, using Codebots, a partner can create a codebot to write in any technology stack and therefore unlocking the sales process to continue further.

Codebots commitment

Our first commitment is a dedicated hotline for help. Our partners can contact us for help and book a video call to discuss any issues they are having. In the post COVID-19 world, doing video calls is the new normal, and we stand ready to save the day!

In addition to our hotline, we work with our partners to help them increase their lead generation and close more sales. We do this by:

  • Qualifying our sign-ups on the Codebots platform and if they need services, we connect the consenting parties. Both Generate and Iterate customers may need development services.
  • Examining the search intent, converting our traffic into leads. At Codebots, we have significant organic search traffic. Codebots ranks top of Google results for search terms like software risks, legacy migration, types of ai, and more.
  • The use of retargeting ad campaigns. Using a mix of outbound and inbound marketing to qualify leads. These leads are passed to our partners where a fit is found.
  • We can engage in pre-sales meetings. The Codebots founder and CEO, Dr Eban Escott, can attend initial customer meetings to talk on topics like legacy migration, continuous modernisation, software processes, and more.
  • Providing documentation and case studies on how to deliver successful software projects that use bots to code.

Apply today

Over the next year, Codebots is taking on a limited number of partners. We are looking to work with software development companies that have the following qualities:

  • Top company in your area of operations,
  • Shared values and a mission to deliver quality software,
  • Defined way or working (like Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, hybrid, etc),
  • UX/UI design led,
  • Testing processes, and
  • Case studies with a proven track record.

Apply for the Codebots Partner Program here. Good luck! Places are limited.

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