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Suitable for
Creating a one-off codebase to get started on projects quickly Teams looking to maintain ongoing, highly customised projects on Codebots.
Source code files with no vendor lock-in
7 day money back guarantee
14 day free trial
Unlimited apps Create and maintain an unlimited number of apps
Git repository integration Codebots sets up the file structure for your git repository of choice
Protected regions Source code can be customised and continually iterated with the use of Protected Region code snippets.
Collaboration tools Real-time concurrent editing
Tailored onboarding program Support from our team to help you get started with your projects
Learning centre and courses Articles and documentation about Codebots functionality
Codebots Functionality Generate Iterate
Customisable source code Source code complete with full bot-written documentation, APIs and developer notes
Modelling tools Tools to build the architecture of the app.
Pre-built extensions Advanced functionality that’s configurable from within the target application
Snippets Pre-generated templates for app functionality
Custom Snippets Save your own template to re-use across apps
Collaboration Tools Generate Iterate
Management of team members
Management of apps
Real-time concurrent editing