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Generate your C# codebase and bootstrap your project set-up.

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Best for:
  • Developers
  • Small teams
  • Freelancers
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Easily maintain and iterate your application without overwriting custom code.

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Best for:
  • Development teams
  • Software companies
  • Freelancers
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Create your own bot that writes in any technology stack.

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  • AI technology
  • Train a codebot in your preferred tech stack
  • Features of Codebots Iterate
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Why Codebots?

Software development teams and digital agencies need control of their source code. Codebots offers the flexibility your team needs.

Do more with less.

Do you build a lot of custom software projects? Codebots helps your developers build applications up to 8.3x faster.

Win more work.

Impress your customers by using Codebots to make real applications during scoping. Then continue using the source code into development, no need to throw it away.

Quality control.

Codebots writes code that reduces human errors, which means that developers of any skill level can produce high quality client projects.

No vendor lock in.

Unlike competitors, we never hold your source code hostage. Stay flexible with complete control of your code.

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