Easily maintain and iterate your applications without overwriting custom code. Iterate offers the flexibility your team needs.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Git integration
  • UI wireframing tools
  • Protected regions for custom code
  • Out of the box customisable security
$80 AUD
Per user per month

Building an app with Codebots.

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How Codebots works with your team?

  1. Codebots write to your repo.

    A codebot writes source code to your git repository, like any member of your team.

  2. Update your app on Codebots.

    Any update to your diagrams on the Codebots platform will be written into the dedicated branch in your repository, so you can continue to maintain your project alongside what our bots write.

  3. Set up your git repo.

    You own your source code, so our Codebots can push to your private GitLab repository. We use your SSH key so we support a variety of git providers including GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

    Or Codebots can host a free private GitLab repository for your code.

  4. Customise your code.

    The source code is designed to be developer-readable. It can be customised and continually iterated with the use of protected regions.


    Here's an example to try out, type anything then rebuild!

    Click to rebuild
  5. Run your app.

    You can then take the code and run your application on your choice of server or environment.

What's the difference?

Codebots offers two distinct products that provide value in differing ways.

Generate icon


Generate your C# codebase and bootstrap your project set-up. Currently in beta.

  • Build once
  • Source code provided in .zip file
Iterate icon


Easily maintain and iterate your application without overwriting custom code.

  • Build and maintain continously
  • Source code written to Git
  • Protected regions to ensure your custom code is not overwritten
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