Bots that code.

Codebots is a collaborative platform that lets development teams create customisable source code for their apps with no vendor lock in.

Your model for success.

Own your IP.

Customise your source code and maintain ownership of your IP with no vendor lock-in, at no extra charge.

Boost quality.

Let our bots create reliable code that's human-readable and easy to extend.

Save time.

Our drag-and-drop visual builder creates frameworks to help build apps up to 8.3 times faster.

How does Codebots



Use the Codebots platform to collaborate in real-time with your team to model your web app.



The codebots write the app's source code into its dedicated branch in your chosen git repository, so you can customise and maintain your project alongside what our bots write.



Codebots' model-driven software development process creates a tight coupling between code and documentation that allows you to continually iterate your application, unlike other scaffolding tools.

Where Codebots helps.

Own your IP, code

Built on top of modern frameworks.

Model your front and back end on Codebots in your choice of C#/ React or Spring/ Angular

Boost productivity, entity image

Faster development and Prototyping.

Let our bots write up to 92% of your application to beat the competition and get your prototype and MVP's to market quicker.

Save time, behaviour view

Quick setup.

Reduce your project's overheads and let Codebots set up the file and data structure for your git repository.

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What can a codebot do to help you?

A codebot operates alongside a development team, writing code and committing it to the repository. With the codebots writing the majority of the codebase, the human developers are freed up to work on the truly creative code.

Platform features


How does Codebots increase efficiency?

In addition to giving your team a head start, Codebots provides a number of collaboration tools to give you visibility and control over your project.

Solution for teams

Start modelling your app today.